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Participants in the 7th season of Bigg Boss

the host, and the winner:

The seventh season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss was called Bigg Boss 7. This special Bigg Boss 7 section contains information about the Bigg Boss 7 participants, winner, and host.

Bigg Boss: Jannat Ka Wow Aur Jahannam Ka Aaw Dekhenge Saath Saath was the tagline for the seventh season of the show, which was divided into the themes of Jannat (heaven) and Jahannam (hell).


Host of Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss season 7 aired on the same Colors television channel as the previous seasons, with the exception of the inaugural season. The first season broadcast on the Sony Television Channel.

On September 15, 2013, the show had its premiere. Salman Khan hosted the seventh season of the show. This was Salman Khan’s fourth consecutive year hosting the Bigg Boss show.

Salman is by far the most suitable Bigg Boss show host for the role, surpassing all prior hosts. You think that no one else could possibly be the host of the show. Salman Khan’s character is a good fit as well.

Those competing on Bigg Boss 7

In the seventh season of Bigg Boss, twenty applicants in all entered the house. The initial field of 15 competitors was formed after five wild card submissions.

The other housemates were largely connected to the film, television, and modeling sectors; Sangram Singh was the only one with a link to the sports industry.

Take a look at the names of the Bigg Boss season 7 competitors.

Sister of Tanisha Mukherji and Kajol, two Bollywood actresses.
VJ Andy is a DJ and TV host.
Ratan Rajput is a television actress.
Gauhar Khan is an actress and model.
Actress Shilpa Sakhlani in television.
Apoorva Agnihotri is a Bollywood actor.
A television actress named Kamya Panjabi.
Hazel Keech is an actress and model from Britain.
Kushal Tondon is an actor and model.
Rajat Rawail is an actor and producer.
named Sangram Singh, a wrestler. Elli Avram is a model and actress from Britain.
Armaan Kohli is a Bollywood actor.
On April 1st, 2015, television actress Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide.
Anita Adwani is claiming to be Rajesh Khanna’s live-in partner.
Model Asif Azim from Bangladesh.
Vivek Mishra instructs Naked Yoga.
Ajaz Khan, an actor.
Candy Brar model.
The actress Sofia Hayat, originally from Britain, became a nun.

Bigg Boss 7 Champion
Bigg Boss’ seventh season had the greatest number of housemates ever and was also the longest in the program’s history.

Bigg Boss 7 ran for 105 days, from September 15, 2013, to December 28, 2013, and featured 20 applicants. Bigg Boss 7 had an extension for 15 weeks, whereas Bigg Boss 16 lasted for 19 weeks after that.

Gauhar Khan, the winner of Bigg Boss season seven, took home a prize money of 50 lakh Indian rupees, or roughly $74,000 USD. Tanisha Mukherjee finished as the competition’s first runner-up. Ajaz Khan came in second and Sangram Singh third in the seventh season of Bigg Boss.

To find out how big boss season 7 performed in the ratings, read this page on big boss trp ratings.

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Finally Tanishaa Takes Action Against Armaan
All of the Virodhi team members are eager to delegate responsibilities to the Hukumat team today because it is role-reversal day. Ajaz, playing the game in good fun, invites the other team to go ahead and give them challenging jobs, to which Gauahar replies that she will make sure it is his worst task day. Even the pushups and weightlifting exercises are accepted by Ajaz. Kamya butts in, claiming that unlike Andy and Tanishaa, who attacked Armaan, their squad will not pick on the injured competitors.

Andy makes a plan with the crew to squander time while using this tactic to complete the assignment. Because there is no time restriction in the task requirements, the team supports his approach. Sangram instantly says that he will not dance to an item number when Kushal teases him by saying that he will make him do it.


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