Bigg Boss Ott 2 Episode 56 Written Update: August 11, 2023

bigg boss 0tt 2

Bigg Boss OTT 2 August 11, 2023

On Day 24 of the current Bigg Manager OTT 2 twelfth July 2023 show, all of the housemates wake up to the Bigg Supervisor song and head to the nursery to get moving.

When Abhisehk Malhan asks her if she and Jiya Shankar are really at war, she responds that they are only arguing.

Falaq becomes agitated!
Bebika Dhurve blocks and says that they are merely fighting, adding that Falaq isn’t ready to admit that they were fighting.

After that, Jiya claims she can no longer communicate with Falaq and Avinash Sachdev while she and Abhi sit together and talk about them.

Falaq and Avi are conversing about Jiya at the same time. Avi informs Falaq that although she can mend her friendship with Jiya, she cannot with him because their relationship has been strained so much.

Sometime later, Jad Hadid speaks with Falaq and asks her to speak with Jiya, but she says no.

Afterward, Manisha Rani and Bebika have a conversation in which they talk about how Avinash is acting in a defeatist manner and how he and Falaq have become Pooja’s goons.

When Pooja arrives, Manisha hugs her and compliments her scent.

Later, Manisha enters the room area and asks Abhi to leave while engaging Jiya in meaningless conversation.

It is JANTA who saves Abhi!
The housemates are taken aback by the nursery’s improvement and leave as Bigg Supervisor informs them that the current selection process would be somewhat private, requiring them to use personal belongings to identify their favorite candidate.

After reading the rules, Avi discovers that Jiya, as the commander, is protected along with Abhishek based on a survey given to Janta earlier in the day.

As the bell rings in each round of the assignment, the candidates are supposed to provide their own ideas. Abhi and Jiya are then supposed to notify them of the name of the perfect rival from among those they may like to choose.

The task of selection!
Jiya and Abhi are to select one item, state the name of the designated person, and then destroy the item in question, throwing it into the container in order to conform to the designation.

Jiya and Abhi choose Falaq’s object to destroy in the first round, and Bebika is given the task.

Bebika then complains about Abhi’s supporters saving him because of the democracy in the survey, and Jiya visits Falaq and gives her a last embrace while breaking down.

Jiya responded that she needed to clear her head before coming to talk to Falaq, asking why she didn’t come to her.

Then, Bebika challenges Abhi once again, telling him that she is the object of his attention in his titles, to which he responds that he is a sanchalak rather than a rival.

She starts punching him, and he laughs and walks away, telling her that she’s trying to get in touch with him.

They ultimately engage in a physical altercation as Manisha intervenes and separates them.

Bebika and Abhi complain to Pooja Bhatt while Abhi argues that Bebika shouldn’t slap him.

When the next round starts, Jiya and Abhi chuckle once again and inform Jad that they will not put up with clothes.

Falaq is willing to give up her family photo to give it to Manisha since she feels that she is kind of stuck on one thing.

Jiya and Abhi struggle to decide between Falaq and Pooja, and in the end, they choose Falaq because of what she is giving up.

Saying that Manisha is assigned, Abhi destroys the photograph and throws it into the container.

Avi rushes to comfort Falaq as she rushes to her bed to cry.

However, when Abhi sits down, Manisha tries to explain to her that the project, in a sense, revolves around the thing that the individual is providing, which is what is more in need.

Concurrently, Jiya comforts Falaq, who reveals to her another item that is very personal to her and reveals that she might lose it as well.

At this point, Jiya says with a shake of her head, the assignment will be really interesting.

Every roommate brings their most valuable items for the third round, which puts Jiya and Abhi in a difficult situation.

Acknowledging Pooja’s bracelet penance, Abhi and Jiya report that Falaq has been chosen.

Manisha forfeits her most expensive shoes, Avinash, to her in the fourth round by carrying her shoes.

The great majority of the contestants identify themselves as Avinash, but in the end, Jiya and Abhi accept Avi’s wristband and announce Pooja as the winner.

The housemates then start fighting, with Abhi claiming he’s taken personal revenge by assigning Pooja.

Falaq atones for her pricey ring!
In the final round, Jad finally contributes something very useful to the game: the picture of his young daughter, which he designates as Avi.

At the same time, Falaq takes out the ring her mother gave her to give to Avinash.

When Abhi and Jiya announce that Avinash is the chosen one, they take Falaq’s ring to forfeit and put it in the trash can.

After that, Bebika makes a joke about needing to meet Abhi’s sibling, and he starts referring to her as Bhabhi.

Bebika starts talking to the camera, offering Abhi’s brother Set off Insaan a proposal and telling him to bother her.

Jiya then compliments Pooja on her cleaning skills, and Pooja suggests that she tell other housemates to clean in the same manner when they receive the bathroom cleaning duty.

Concurrently, Manisha jokes about how, as a Bihari mother, she will joke around with Jad’s daughter.

Bebika informs Manisha that Falaq and Avi are sticking with Abhi because of his fan base, and Falaq tells Abhi that she was unable to attend the Duplicate Glue event.

Falaq lashes out when she is asked into the kitchen again around dusk to wipe the counter because she has prepared everything but the chapati.

Falaq continues to complain to Jiya, who responds by saying that Manisha will be assigned the task of counter-cleaning.

In the evening, Manisha informs Bebika that Falaq and Avi don’t seem to be a couple and are sitting like strangers.

While this is going on, Abhi visits Falaq and Avi and sits with them, complaining that Jiya isn’t considering the skipper’s responsibilities or the importance of the commitments being circulated.

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