Bigg Boss Ott 2 Written Episode 57, August 12, 2023

bigg boss 0tt 2

Update for Written Episode 57 Big Brother Ott 2 – August 12, 2023

The lively Bollywood song that opens today’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 show from August 12, 2023 (Day 56) has Manisha and Bebika moving.

Pooja and Bebika talk about Manisha’s behavior on and off the show, and Bebika says that Manisha will be jealous of her close friendship with Elvish and Abhi.

On the other hand, Amit reminds the player about Bigg Boss and how challenging the game is, drawing a comparison to the lockdown period when they were confined to their homes and had no chance of surviving.

As this is going on, Bigg Boss welcomes Amit Tandon to the Big Brother house and gives the order for everyone to gather in the garden area.

Amit Tandon also praises the contestants for living in the Big Brother house for 56 days without a phone. Pooja, on the other hand, makes fun of this and remarks on how difficult it is for her to live without a phone because she is unmarried and wants to socialize, which calls for a phone.

Afterward, Bigg Boss orders the contestants to perform Amit’s task, which is to roast each other in front of the audience.

Additionally, BB notes that the contenders might ask Amit for help in writing their script.

As everyone starts writing their scripts, Amit helps them all comprehend each other’s perspectives, motivations, and feelings.

Bebika tells Amit that since Abhi has already ruined her career, she wants to take this chance to ruin his.

Elvish, on the other hand, says he would instead roast Pooja for dedicating so much time and energy to BB than directing the movie.

When it’s finally the candidates’ turn, Amit assures everyone that none of the lines would hurt anyone because they are just meant to be humorous before starting the job.

Abhi is the first to arrive. He starts by roasting Elvish, stating that while he is deserving, he should be considered a runner-up rather than the winner. He then proceeds to roast each competitor.

In the process of roasting Abhi, Bebika, who comes in second, says he is overconfident in his wealth because he said he would scatter the eggs in the helicopter. She also recites the story she wrote for Elvish.

Subsequently, Elvish makes fun of Abhi, saying that he is his brother and has achieved a lot in life, including finishing second in Bigg Boss. Elvish finally makes fun of himself before leaving.

Fourth, Manisha starts making fun of Mix for making out with Elvish, and she teases Abhi for always being the nice guy since he really wants to win.

When Pooja shows in, he starts roasting Abhi, saying he already knows he’s won. Amit then thanked everyone for taking part in the challenge, and BB thanked Amit for staying in the BB house with the competitors.

Later, Abhi complains that Pooja called him a self-proclaimed winner, which bothers him.

Bebika receives a letter in the evening, saying that Lenskart has given gift hampers to all of the candidates with a note that makes them all smile because they are among the top 5 this season.

Manisha makes fun of Elvish when he tells her how drawn to Pooja Bhatt’s demeanor is, claiming he is being so calculated about it.

Conversely, Pooja tells Bebika that, in her opinion, Elvish is the real victor and that, although he is younger than Abhi, he is more mature.

Today is the last day of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 written update for August 12, 2023.

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