Bigg Boss Ott 2 Written Episode 58, August 13, 2023

bigg boss 0tt 2

Update in writing, Episode 58 OTT 2 Bigg Boss August 13, 2023

The 13th August 2023 episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 (Day 57) starts at 6 a.m. with Pooja Bhatt thanking BB for this amazing experience while standing in the gym area.

A lovely Bollywood song and a Bebika dance in the garden area also awakened the applicants.

Manisha says that she obviously does want to continue the connection because she doesn’t harbor resentment in her heart when Bebika asks whether she wants to go beyond BB’s house.

Pooja Bhatt tells Bebika that she is not interested in listening to their chat as she tries to criticize Abhi in the meantime.

Abhi makes fun of Elvish for thinking that Bebika is telling the truth, while Elvish gives Bebika instructions to read his palm.

In spite of Mahesh Bhatt’s second family, Pooja Bhatt tells Bebika about her parents’ successful maturation through the years and commends them on their love story.

In addition, Pooja Bhatt tells Bebika that her parents’ love story serves as the basis for the Ashiqui movie.

As this is going on, Pooja tells Bebika that Manisha is not a heroine. Bebika also comments on Manisha’s flirtatiousness, but Pooja tells her not to talk about it because it’s not even real.

Manisha, on the other hand, retorts that Abhi will be shocked if she examines her trip and says that she is not a winner if people do so.

Nevertheless, they both tell each other how happy they will be for each other and even Elvish as they wrap up their conversation.

In the meantime, BB tells the top five contestants about their incredible journey and extends his congratulations to them.

The candidates get excited when BB says that they have a great evening planned in the garden area and that everyone is looking forward to seeing them.

While BB welcomes Asees Kaur and Tony Kakkar into the BB residence as today’s evening guests, the competitors flee to the garden area upon noticing the gathering.

After that, Asees performs a highly romantic song in which she begs a couple to dance. After Elvish and Manisha dance adorable on stage, Tony Kakkar joins Manisha, making her stomach turn.

On their last night in the BB house, the participants are enjoying Asees’ performance and bobbing to the tunes.

Conversely, Asees Kaur hands the mic over to Tony Kakkar, who uses the Coca-Cola song to open his performance and essentially takes over the stage.

Before launching into his next song, Tony Kakkar calls Manisha Rani onto the stage, and while she’s there, Manisha flirts with Tony and lights the stage on fire.

However, Tony Kakkar tells Manisha that she would record her first video single with him after leaving the Bigg Boss house.

After expressing gratitude to Elvish for his kindness and the following he has gathered over the years, Tony Kakkar offers Elvish to collaborate with him on his song “Senorita,” noting that Elvish’s fan base will enable Tony to achieve more success with his music.

Finally, Bigg Boss praises Tony Kakkar and Asees Kaur for joining the contestants in the BB house as Tony performs his final song, “12 Ladke,” on stage with Pooja.

Later, after discovering that Elvish has a large fan base among the audience, Manisha expresses her appreciation for him. Elvish reassures her that he will always maintain his humility.

Today is the last day of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 written update for August 13, 2023.

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