Bigg Boss Ott 2 Written Episode 59, Grand Finale, August 14, 2023

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Grand Closing on August 14, 2023

The current Bigg Manager OTT 2 episode airs on August 14, 2023, and opens with all of the contestants and the finalists’ families applauding as they take the stage before Salman Khan joins them all on the dance floor.

After extending a warm greeting to each relative and having a conversation with them, Salman Khan makes his stunning entrance and everyone settles down on the couches.

25 lacs plus the winner’s award!
He said they will find out this evening who will win the prize and receive 25 lakhs in reward money.

Salman talks about how Bigg Manager and Cricket are the most-seen shows in India. He also talks about how the program has become the country’s most-watched unscripted TV drama on both TV and OTT.

He greets the other residents and chastises Avinash Sachdev and Jiya Shankar for not getting in touch with one another.

Jiya gestures to Falaq Naaz and explains that nothing can happen between them because there is now another person.

Salman informs the gathering that Abhishek Malhan, also known as Fukraa Insaan, is currently undergoing clinical evaluation and will likely join them shortly.

Rapper and well-known artist Badshah also performs inside the house alongside Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, Bebika Dhruve, and Pooja Bhatt in addition to presenting each contestant.

It’s Badshah who presents the top five!
After that, Badshah sits down and congratulates all four of them on being finalists while shocking Manisha by giving her a share.

He talks about how Bigg Manager is more than simply a show and emotion for the great majority of people, and he displays images of the family talking about them alongside their early years.

The four of them get an emotional explanation of why they are called their children’s parents on a separate screen when Abhishek joins them.

Bigg Boss congratulates each finalist and says the BB family is really proud of them as they have been watching over them for the last eight weeks and have seen how they have grown.

He tells Bigg Supervisor to make the distinctions and says that the moment has come to acknowledge the admiration they have gained.

Badshah leaves after they raise a toast and crack open the fruit champagne bottle.

Salman laughs that Elvish’s status as a finalist has damaged Abhi’s well-being while Manisha yells at Abhi, hoping he follows them.

Fifth place goes to Pooja Bhatt!
He plays with Manisha by telling her that her father has not arrived and assures them that Abhi will join them in almost no time.

Salman also plays a practical joke on Pooja by telling her that no one has come to see her.

The finalists as a whole were fulfilled by the camera skillet to the families and other candidates.

Salman claims that Bigg Boss has turned into a program about marriage while making jokes about Abhi with Jiya and Bebika.

He prods Falaq and Avi about their hands making touch as they go to seize the mic, asking why it hasn’t occurred to him yet.

Pooja and Bebika portray their enemy and celestial messenger pair while performing the songs Hawa Hawaai and Aga Baai.

Salman Khan informs the occupants of the residence that one of their procedures will come to an end.

Manisha says she recognized he was going to take her name, and Jad Hadid adds he thinks she will come out.

Pooja is informed by Salman that she will be known by name this season and is given advice to win since she is the fifth finalist.

She answers Elvish’s name when Salman asks her who she believes could win in front of an audience.

Bebika moves up to the second rank!

Salman summons Badshah to the stage a little while later, and Elvish, Manisha, and Bebika fetch Abhi from the admissions area.

In front of the crowd, comedian Krushna Abhishek makes his debut by pretending to be Jackie Shroff, who must marry Pooja.

Everyone laughs when he makes light of Abhi’s mother’s intentions to have two daughters-in-law.

He assures Palak Puraswani that she will definitely win if Bigg Boss ever lasts for a week.

Salman summons the fathers of Bebika, Elvish, Abhi, and Manisha onto the platform in front of boxes with the names of the finalists.

There will be safe plaques on three of the containers, but not on the fourth, which turns out to be, quite frankly, Bebika.

As Abhi, Elvish, and Manisha celebrate becoming the main three of the time, Bebika finishes in fourth place and exits the competition.

In front of the crowd, Salman greets Bebika and tells her that although she hasn’t won the prize, she has won many people over.

Manisha wins hearts in addition to third place!
Salman extends an invitation to Jimmy Sheirgill, Prasanna, and Elnaaz Norouzi, the cast of Jio Film show Ranneeti: Balakot and Past.

After Elnaaz and Salman hit the dance floor and have a conversation with the other housemates, Salman says it’s time to determine who the best two people on the show are.

Aayushman, also known as Pooja, is cordially welcomed by Salman. He is promoting his upcoming movie Dreamgirl 2 with Ananya Pandey.

Abhi replies that they are only friends when Ananya asks Jiya whether she feels anything for him, and Jiya provides conflicting signals.

Salman tells Aayushmann that he has the best chance of finding out whose trip is coming to an end and tells all three of them to head into their phone corners in the movement room.

Manisha Rani had disappeared from the booth when he told them to answer the phone and share their highlight.

Salman informs the assembly that the democratic lines have actually been open for 15 minutes and urges them to select their #1.

Elvish Rao Saheb wins BB OTT 2.

Following the departure of Aayushmann and Ananya, Salman greets Manisha and inquires as to who she believes would prevail.

After Avinash’s risky adventure is shown as the democratic period progresses, Elvish and Abhi are summoned outside the house and into the nursery area.

Bigg Manager tells them to go via the exit to reach the stage and to turn out the lights in the BB OTT2 home.

The trip of Elvish, Abhi, and Manisha’s triplets is presented prior to the winner being announced.

Salman informs Elvish and Abhi that they engaged in a fierce vote war with each other and suggests that they express gratitude to the viewers.

Salman reports the winner and finds that Elvish Yadav is the OTTtian who has emerged victorious in the Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 tournament.

Salman informs Elvish that he is also the winner of the 25 lac prize money. Elvish finds it amazing and shares it with Abhi and Manisha.

Bigg Manager Season 2 on OTT will end in 2023.

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