January 31, 2015: Bigg Boss 8: All Update

Bigg Boss 8’s written episode and written update on January 31, 2015

Farah Khan walks the stage and declares that the Bigg Boss Halla Bol season has come to an end after 132 days, welcoming everyone to the big finale. Voiceover begins, as a video of Ajaz torturing Ali is displayed. The voiceover adds, “He thought he would take over the house, but Ali’s struggle with him prevented that from happening.” Four months later, we had five finalists.

showed how Sana was eliminated, how Mahek’s essences failed and he was eliminated, how Rahul flirted with Tanna but got entangled in relationships and was eliminated, how the last challenger Sambhavna was eliminated, and how the five champions ultimately stood. made Ajaz make a mistake, he used violence and was eliminated. GAUTAM PRITHAM ALI DIMPY KARISHMA, one of the finalists, will tomorrow. trim the ends.

Farah Greets The Previous Players

As Farah greets the previous contestants, they clap along with her explanation that the votes are still being counted. She continues, saying that in addition to the $50,000 prize, we will find out who will receive $25,000. Farah continues, “Let’s see how the makeover team interacts with the prisoners tonight as it’s entertainment night.”

When Farah walks into the makeup room, she is greeted by a hair stylist, a makeup artist, and a costume designer. “You are finalist, you entertained all, this night is for you people, so I want you all to get make over,” she says to the prisoners. She introduces herself to Karishma as “BB8’s Deepika Padukone.” She says to Gautam, “People think you are crazy.” Tells the artist, Farah Playing is a great way to start a party.

Karishma is the first to appear wearing her new hairstyle and fully clothed.
Karishma is the first to come out looking completely dressed and with a brand-new hairdo. Although she says that everyone has dubbed her selfish, she never stated that she would prefer to see other people become famous than herself. Gautam then makes an appearance with a fresh haircut.After that, Pritham shows up clothed and declares, “In the home, people recognized my face more than my voice. Then, Dimapy makes an appearance sporting a new haircut and declares, “It’s difficult to stay out of this house because I have a lot of names.” Then Farah walks in and says, “Action, lights, camera.”

As Malika Arora enters the stage, she begins to dance on “ang lagade re.” Karishma and Dimpy soon join her onstage, and the three of them continue dancing to the song. After the dance is over, Malika says, “Enough of boys boys, now I’ll show my curves to Ali, Gautam, and Pritham.” First, Ali enters the stage and begins to sing his well-known line, “Sunno”; he then dances with Malika on “je meinu yaar na mile,” kissing her hand. Next, Gatuam enters and begins to sing, “We love we love Gauti.” He then lifts Malika and continues dancing with her. The five finalist dance together on je mainu yaar na mile with Malika when the female finalist arrives.

Complete Episodes of Bigg Boss 17

When the finalists enter the arena, fireworks start, everyone cheers, finds beverages, raises a toast, and Gautam toasts the big boss before they settle down on the sofa. The Bigg Boss congratulates the finalists, saying that after entertaining the public for 132 days, all five of you are winners. You will soon find out who will win this season, but first, some past clips will play to relive some of your favorite memories. Initially, amusing photographs of Pritham’s early years are displayed, followed by his mother’s statement. I have nicknamed this cheeky boy, who has been a true friend, Pritham Winkle. We all adore you and always imagined you would become an actress. After that, Karishma displays photos of Gautam, and his brother Mohit remarks that he is really mischievous.Karishma’s mother describes her as a motivated person who has always wanted to be first. She tears down when images of her father are displayed. His brother says that Ali has always been a lively, mischievous person after seeing images of the man. Later, when Dimpy’s picture surfaces, her sister asserts that she was a docile child who always did as her parents said.Then, Pritham’s wife asserts that Bigg Boss is all a game and that she is pals with Karishma. In closing, Gautam’s mother says she is glad her son is Gautam and that he is not a conceited person.Then, according to Ali’s brother, Ali followed his own advice and joined the profession rather than his family’s. Then, Dimpy’s sister claims that her brother never gives up and always behaves honorably. Then, in Bengali, Dimpy’s mother wishes for her to succeed her as the next big boss. Then Gautam walks into the room.Karishma’s mother sobs as she explains, “I’m counting the seconds until my daughter comes back.” The video finishes with Karishma crying and Pritham’s youngster giving him a flying kiss.


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