Written Update for Bigg Boss Ott 2 Episode 55, August 10, 2023

bigg boss 0tt 2

The current Bigg Manager OTT 2 episode from August 10, 2023 (Day 54) opens with the housemates waking up from a long sleep to a lively song.

When they hear the song with the victor’s attitude, all of the housemates start to move.

Abhishek Malhan laughs at Manisha Rani’s admission that she is deeply attracted to Elvish Yadav, while the two make jokes together.

Furthermore, because Abhi thinks Bebika Dhurve is an egotist, they talk about the misconception in their contact.

However, Elvish talks to Pooja Bhatt about how his conversation with Abhi on a specific case of challenger winning went.

Pooja informs Elvish that she has started to see the light again and that she is on Elvish’s side.

After that, all of the housemates get together and talk about whether or not the game is related to their characters or their presumptions.

He heads to the nursery with Manisha and Jiya Shankar when Pooja and Elvish start to argue with Abhi.

When Elvish tries to share his viewpoint with them after sitting down with them, Abhi labels Elvish a jackass for thinking that his feelings are up for evaluation.

Elvish talks about how Abhi’s comment that a trump card isn’t a champion and that Elvish is the legend’s partner while Abhi is the legend annoyed him.

As the chime goes off, the two of them are discussing it, and all the hopefuls run to the nursery.

As he informs the housemates that in addition to the show, the BB House will also come to an end and that’s why a few moving video lumberjacks will come and visit the BB House to save as memories, Bigg Supervisor invites trip vlogger Aninay.

While Manisha stays in the kitchen preparing tea for him, Aninay greets the other housemates and they show him around the house.

Abhi informs Aninay that he should now go with the housemates when the house is visited.

Sitting there, Aninay learns that he has two relationships in his destiny from Bebika’s palmreading.

She goes on to remark that certain problems in his daily life have arisen from his thoughtful character.

He also informs Elvish and Abhi that although they are enjoying the game, they are competing with each other outdoors.
He also tells Elvish to start acting like a competitor in the game rather than just shouting encouragement to other players.

After Aninay leaves, Mohit, the next visitor, arrives, and Abhi and Elvish try to decipher what she said.

Greeting the housemates, Mohit flirtatiously informs Manisha that he has a proposition for her from his Canadian-residing sibling.

He asks them who they think will be saved as he starts to visit the house and talk about the end of the world.

Many of the housemates adopt the names of Manisha and Elvish.

He goes on to ask Pooja who she believes would be the catalyst for the rivalry amongst YouTubers.

Pooja comforts Elvish, who expresses gratitude for her assistance.

After that, Mohit talks about how he believes Elvish is being more reserved these days and says it’s just the way he is.

He strikes up a conversation with them, inquiring about their potential destinations after leaving the BB House.

The housemates are then summoned outside the nursery to reveal the show’s Top 5 after Mohit leaves.

When Bigg’s Supervisor asks one of them to reveal the picture that’s stored in the nursery, that person will be eliminated.

Jiya Shankar is eliminated as the Top 5 stand in front of the camera.

Subsequently, Abhi queries Pooja about her observations from Bigg Manager, as Bebika and Elvish joke about funny stuff like Monkey’s behind.

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